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Компания «Авангард+»

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Контакты ООО «Авангард Плюс» - алюминиевые конструкции
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The EK-40P series is designed for replanning of offices, interior design creation. Structures of the series are also used for glazing balconies and loggias (in combination with the EK-60 and EK-90 series). Filling: blind and transparent, 6, 20mm thick. Typical rotary attachments allow directing of the partition at an angle of 70 up to 175 as compared with primary direction.

Possibilities of the flaps and doors of the EK-40 series installation, while elements of the partition itself act as door- and window-frame. Ornamental pieces are used for creation of diverse design partitions. Installation of the partitions is carried out by means of special attachments being fastened to the floor and ceiling.