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Компания «Авангард+»

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Контакты ООО «Авангард Плюс» - алюминиевые конструкции
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The «TATPROF» system comprises the following windows and flaps series. TP-50; TPT-66 «warm design series» with ther- mosocket; EK-40 inner EK-57, EK-69 warm design series with thermosocket; The series may be used: — As inner and external windows; — As flaps built in the stained glass windows’ series (but for EK-69); — In office partitions (EK-40); — As flaps in balconies’ fencings (EK-40).

Ways of opening of the flaps: Rotary; Folding; Rotary-folding. Three-chamber profile with thermosocket 22mm, with the reinforced polyamide fibre in the middle chamber is used in the series TPT-66, EK-57. Combined five-chamber series EK-69, with thermosocket 34mm width.

Frame filling — blind and transparent: EK-40 — 6, 20mm; TP-50 — 6, 24mm; TPT-66, EK-57, EK-69 — 24, 32mm. Heat-transfer resistance of the structure: With single-compartment glass package 24 mm thick with low emissive K-coating (EK-57) — 0,64 m’ ’C/W With single-compartment glass package 32 mm thick with low emissive K-coating (TPT-66) — 0,67 m «C/W With single-compartment glass package 32 mm thick with low emissive K-coating (EK-69) — 0,72 m’ ’C/W External noise insulation of the structure with double-compartment glass package 32mm thick 28-29dB. Usage of the EPDM seals insures hermeticity of the structures.

«European slot V.01» structure enables usage of the home-produced accessories manufactured by the company «SATURN» and by foreign companies, such as «ROTO», «SIGENIA», «SOBINCO» and others. SOBINCO’s device with a handle or GEZE’s draw are used for remote opening of the transom.