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ФАСАД ТП-50300

FACADE  TP-50300

The cross-bar and pillar series TP-50300 is intended for manufacture of vertical and inclined, built-in and cantilever, with one and two sloping surfaces translucent facades. Elegance of the facade is achieved through the width of facade’s front surface being only 50 mm. Height of the profiles’ sections: Pillars from 56 up to162 mm.

Cross-bars from 34 up to 133 mm. Filling material: blind and transparent, thickness — 6, 24, 32mm. Thickness of frame filling material of the stained-glass windows with ulterior flaps — 6, 24 mm. Heat-transfer resistance of the facade structure with glass packages 32mm thick — 0,58 m *C/W. External noise insulation for facades with glass package 32 mm thick — 29 dB. Usage of the EPDM seals insures hermeticity of the structures.

Cross-bar and pillar profiles have been designed with special passages to drain moisture infiltrating through seals and condensing on glass package flanges. Availability of compensatory pillar profiles, angular pillars, auxiliary profiles for manufacture of curvilinear facades, assembly cross-bars, as well as decorative covers.

Possibility of the ulterior flaps installation, front surface width 70 mm. All the doors and flaps structures, as well as the ones opening outside, of the ’TATPROF«system are possible to be built in. Cantilever facades are fastened to the wall by means of steel and aluminum attachments.