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Компания «Авангард+»

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Контакты ООО «Авангард Плюс» - алюминиевые конструкции
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The «TATPROF» system comprises the following doors series. — TP-50 «swinging» — TP-50M «rocking» — TPT-66 the series of «warm design» with thermosocket — EK-40 inner swinging — EK40R — Sliding TP-50M series pendulous door (opening outside and inside) is intended for manufacture of the entrance groups in the paces frequently visited: supermarkets, offices, stations and railways… Both TP-50 and TP-50M series are used as inner and external ones.

EK-40 inner doors; TPT-66 external doors. Installation of the doors: Into the stained glass windows of all the «TATPROF» series, Into the embrasure of the fencing structures. Types of doors: Single flap, Double flap doors. Profiles’ width: EK-40 — 40mm. TP-50 and TP-50M — 50mm; TPT-66 — 66mm. Tree-chamber profile with thermosocket — 12mm, with the reinforced polyamide fibre in the middle chamber is used in the series TPT-66.

Frame filling is blind and transparent in the doors: EK-40 — 6, 20mm; TP-50, TP-50M — 6, 24mm; TPT-66 — 24, 32mm. Heat-transfer resistance of the structure: with single-compartment glass package 24mm thick (TP-50) — 0,27 m’ «C/W; with double-compartment glass package 32mm thick (TPT-66) — 0,47 m’ ’C/W. External noise insulation of the structure: with double-compartment glass package 32 mm thick — 33 dB. with single-compartment glass package 24 mm thick — 25 dB.

EPDM seals and brush seals, available all around the perimeter of the door and fitting to the threshold, ensure isolation from the outer environment and hinder water and dust penetrability. Installation of the DORMA and home-produced accessories is possible.